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Featuring in August 2016 Issue

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The Rise of  Shopping Mall Specialists What is Beyond Squarefeet all about & why do you classify yourselves as “Mall Mechanics”? Beyond Squarefeet, is the only Mall advisory company in India, to provide end-to-end solutions to Shopping Malls. We come into the scene, when a developer has a property with an intention of making a Mall on it.  We start with the primary market research and financial feasibility, advice on the right size, the concept, the positioning of the mall... Read more
AN INVESTMENT GUIDE TO PRIME COMMERCIAL  PROPERTIES Obviously, investing in a commercial property in a prime location can have multiple benefits: It is easier to find tenants for properties in prime locations than in low-demand locations. Finding tenants quickly is important, since it plays a role in yield calculations. Leaving a commercial property vacant for extended periods will result in loss of income. Banks are more willing to give loans to commercial projects in prime locations, since... Read more
Become Reality Second,  trade,  services and industry will be relieved from the cumbersome tax regime. The GST will facilitate making one India. The current tax structure unmakes India, by fragmenting Indian markets along State lines. These distortions are caused by three features of the current system: the Central Sales Tax (CST) on inter-State sales of goods; numerous intra-State taxes; and the extensive nature of excise- duty .  In one strok... Read more
All The Way to KOCHI These are world class  features to turn the fortunes of any city.  Besides, Kochi being an industrial hub and prominent trading center, experts feel that the city will see a bright growth in real estate inducing an investment of more than INR 2000 crore. The city of Kochi is supported by half a dozen scoring points to be a premier Smart City: Smart City Tag Govt. of India has selected top 20 cities for developing Smart Cities in the... Read more

International event – America – April 2016

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